The main activity of our  School is teaching, which, in the largest part, takes place through three aspects:
1. regular classes
2. additional
3. optional classes

Regular classes are conducted in two shifts according to the ringing schedule.  

Mathematical Grammar School had five classes of the first, second and fourth grade, and six classes of the third grade, as well as two classes of the seventh and the eighth grade of elementary school in the school year 2009/2010.  Our School brings together children from all over Serbia. Those who are not from Belgrade, after they pass the entrance exam in our high school, are eligible to apply for one of many student homes.  Each class generally has their own classroom, except physics, computer science, chemistry and biology, which are thought in their own cabinets.  The School Board, the Teachers' Council, The Parents' Council and other services have an important role in the work of the Mathematical Grammar School.  A significant part of the infrastructure of the Mathematical Grammar School's is its computer network.  Other forms of training of students and teachers are also present in our School. The preparations for students’ competitions are also an inseparable part of the teaching system in our school.